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Feed from our training cam at camp Airtrack in Germany. See our gymnasts practice various jumps and flips on an Airtrack Matte or the Berg trampoline. We train mainly on the 5 meter Airtrack Matte, the 8 meter and the 10 meter models. There are also 2 Berg ultim elite trampolines where our gymnasts can train high jumps. Often you can see the gymnasts train on the trampoline during the morings and later at the day most of the training are on the Airtracks.
An Airtrack is is more or less a gymnastic mat, that is filled with air in order to make it more bouncy and enable the gymnast to jump even higher and faster. For more information on Airtrack specifics please visit Airtrack Info Page

Next week there will be a big Airtrack tournament where some of the best Air track gymnasts in the whole country will there, and best of all, you can follow the entire tournament live on this feed here.
Saturday 9-12 it will be mainly the younger people from age 10 to 14 and from 13-16 it will be the older gymnasts. Sunday there will be time for the finals and you can watch the best Airtrack gymnasts from Denmark, Sweden and Germany live here.

Next month there will be another smaller tournament but this time on the trampoline. We will post more info on this here once everything is in order and we have the right dates and times for the event.

Tomorrow you can see Peter Springer our Airtrack instructor show the small gymnasts how to get started on an Airtrack matte and learn the basic jumps like cartwheels and handsprings, something that most should be able to learn in a day.
The day after he will move on to more advanced jumps and flips, these things require a little bit of tumbling or gymnastic experience. So it will not be a show for beginners, but for the more experienced people. It will still be interesting and fun to watch though. You can see the cam feed live here.  Should you have questions about what you see, or how to do a specific jump, please post your question in the comments section and we will do our best ot answer.
I hope you enjoy this feed and learn something that can make you a better gymnast on the Airtrack too.

Our main instructor Peter has about 10 years of experience in gymnastics and trampoline jumping. He is originally from Aalborg, Denmark, but lives in Berlin, Germany now where he works as a fitness instructor and gymnastic trainer. He has helped large brands such as Rebok, GymPlay and Nordic Sports with product development and training of their employees. You can find him on instagram where he posts images and videos on a weekly basis.
Thanks for visiting our Airtrack training feed here on EarthCam.
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