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Joined Sep 07, 2020

A small cam feed from our office here in Aalborg.  What can you expect to see on this feed? Sometimes videos of our people working with webdesign or online marketing here at our webburea in Aalborg. Othertimes view of the area outside our office depending on what time you visit our feed here.
Alphaweb Webbureau Aalborg provides webdesign and webshop solutions to local companies in Aalborg. This feed is from our adresse here at:
Fjordvej 27
9220 Aalborg Øst
[email protected]
+45 24926810

We are a webbureau that mainly works with the WordPress CMS system.A webbureau with more than 13 years of web design experience in both small and large websites. Most of our recent stuff are in WordPress and WooCommerce but in the past we have used a lot of different webdesign CMS systems such as Joomla, Drupal, CMS made simple and several others. Our webshop solutions are mainly based upon WooCommerce in combination with WordPress to give our users a simple and effective webshop that can easily be customized. 
We also provide various online marketing services like Affiliate Marketing, Social Media marketing (SoMe), seo and Google Ads to mention a few. What's the point of having a great webshop or website if it doesn't get any visitors? That's why things like Google Ads are perfect for making your website more visible within a few hours, or building a seo (search engine marketing) campaign to become more visible on your main keywords. Something that's really important for almost any type of business. Social media marketing are great for online branding or letting people know you company or products exist. Affiliate marketing to let others sell your products or Google My Business to become more visible to those nearby you. A good online marketing campaign that involves Google Ads, My business and seo is just as important as having a userfriendly webdesign for your website or webshop. Something that ofte takes a while for newly started companies to understand. 

Some of our other social medias:

As you can see on this feed, we are always busy working here at Alphaweb. In order to protect our customers data, no monitors should be visible on this feed. Right now we are the only webbureau in Aalborg who got a live feed running where you can follow all our work and get an idea about what happens at a normal webbureau.Right now it's only a 720p camera with no nightvision, but we are planning on upgradering it to a larger model in a few months. At least the one outside, so you can also enjoy the beautiful view we have. For security reasons, we won't be upgradering our indoor camera. There is so big a difference on the various camera's even when you compare 2 full HD or 4K models. A good quality 720p camera can often provide a much better image than a cheap 4K camera. At Alphaweb we also provide a few types of photo and video services, but our main area of expertise is webdesign and online marketing. We are a small webbureau here in Aalborg, so we don't have unlimited resources and have to focus on just a few things instead of a wide range of services.

Sometimes we host various sporting events outside our office, which will also be live streamed here on MyEarthCam. Last week it was a soccer match again at local carpenter company (we lost). Next month there is an Airtrack show from the danish company GymPlay, who will show us why so people are using Airtracks and trampolines. 

Thanks for visiting our MyEarthCam page for Webbureau Aalborg. Remember you can always grab the share box to embed the code on your own website.

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