Wo die Wölfe heulen
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Updating World Cams...

Hello and welcome you on our Web-Cam which is located in Austria/Europe near Vienna the capitol of Austria. Vienna is about 50km away from our Home-town.
As you can see on the Gallery we have a Dog called "Digo". He is the best dog we know, that´s what all people will tell you once they have fall in love for dogs. Both, my husband and me are already in retirement and we are very glad about it. We live in a small house and have a really small garden, nevertheless hard work will be start in spring. The garden must be cleaned, flowers has to be set up etc. Everyone which has a garden will know it. My husband has started over a year ago with heli-flights JAMARA 450-E-Rix. It is a really nice Hobby. Look in Facebook  (Don Fewo)

you will see a lot of Videos.  

Our Web-Cam is still off, because at the moment, there is nothing to see which is of very interest. The weather conditions are not so good, because of winter-time. Outside, it´s windy, cold and grey. As soon as weather will change to better sight we will start the Web-Cam live. We will inform you via Facebook.

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Thanks for your attention!

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