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This camera watches America go by out the windows of my 2007 Freightliner Century semi-truck!  Occasionally the cam may provide views from inside the truck. Want to know more about driving these big toys? Well just click here for a cool video! Already viewed that one? Then try this one!

About the Cam:
The camera used for this broadcast is an off the shelf web cam. The images you see should refresh every few seconds. In the event the image doesn’t change it means that A, I am parked. B, the computer used to send the images is off or C, I don’t have a current Internet connection.
How do I connect?
I have a Verizon broadband mobile Internet account. Basically, wherever I have a cell signal, I also have Internet access. This is a bit different than access with a phone, but the concept is similar. On my route I can maintain access about 88 percent of the time.
How much do Truck Drivers make?
Well, the simple answer is, more than most people think! The average first year for many solo drivers is around $35,000 while teams can earn around $50,000 each person.  With a little time on the road you can make a nice 6-figure income.   
What is life on the road like?
In a word, interesting!  There’s no other job quite like this one. First there is the freedom of the open road. Then there’s no boss looking over your shoulder 24-7. So long as you get your freight delivered on time, you can pretty much do as you wish.  I take a nap in the middle of the day on occasion. Try that in an office cubical!  Once you do this job for a while, it really makes going into an office hard…. So I’ve heard.  But it’s not all fun and games. This is a serious job, for people that take pride in their work.  If you are thinking it’s a way to hook up in every major city, then this isn’t right for you!
What are the trucks like?
Well, this one is sweet! It’s equipped with a microwave, TV, DVD player, satellite radio, satellite communications to our home office (includes e-mail for family and friends if you desire) a fridge, 2 twin beds set bunk bed style, plenty of closet space and even basement storage!  Think of the truck as a small motor home that makes you a lot of money! Oh did I mention the leather seats!  This truck also has features you would expect to find in a high end luxury car such as adaptive cruise control, traction control, and as an added safety feature it has role stability control and of course ABS breaks.
How can I become a driver?
That’s simple! Send me a quick e-mail with your name and city of birth and basic contact info. I’ll have one of our recruiters call you and talk to you in detail about your options. Oh don’t worry; we do finance your truck driving education, even with crap credit!
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