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‘a webcam social’ ADULTS ONLY where cam2cam applications make sense by members.


Please join understand that xitti is not sending confirmation until Tuesday January 26 or Wed January 27 needs a fix.

Xitti 'a social network' builder

Create your own ADULTs ONLY social network with Xitti, from social network builder WackWall, free.
DJ Choppercat, the blogger here and I have concentrated my postings for the past year on webcam applications for sexual people. One of the difficulties when I decided to create a website for members to connect and share applications was a social builder that would not restrict ADULT ONLY content. In the face last year, of leaving it’s adult communities stranded many other networks to build have said WELCOME. Unfortunatly, some of them did not mean it and when the work was complete on content, disabled my sites. SO WELCOME in the NEW YEAR with, the Adult social network builder.
Here is a preview of the FORUMS about CAMMING - the recreational use of webcams at Cams…SO SEXY!

This forum thread details applications for webcam, desktop, hand-held, iphone, droid, SMS etc. that is creating communications for gay people.

For the open and daring communicators that like real-time activity and chatting with new and old friends online thus making real connections from persons online, leave a trail of 'breadcrumbs'. Create using a 'twitter' model of 140 characters or less,

Can You Identify 10 brands of social webcam application?
This is the forum under development to highlight major webcam applications both online and desktop software. Find your favorite application and place some contact information, describe why you use it or not, or find a new application to try here.

Webcam SEX: Paid VS. Free Roaming
Free roaming is becoming a webcam 'sexual revolution' as snake charmers, swarmy dudes and faithless women will make attempts to pull your pants down. FOR THE PAST TEN years on the internet LIVE ACTION was dominantly the domain of paid subscription sites.

Chat Room Behaviours
Two gems of wisdom about webcam chat's environment are to know where you are and make a solid introduction of yourself. This means know the representative website or application's policy on a chat room's logs. Records of any reputable application are kep

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