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5 Tips to trim your international Shipping Cost

Shipping is an important part of a business that can make or break a small startup in its first year in the business. Building a business from the ground up is not the easiest of tasks and without providing the mean of transporting the goods or merchandise to their customers a small business might, as well, be doomed. Getting an affordable ocean freight forwarder is also important for domestic transfer because not everyone is capable of paying a high price, even if, the result is great.
For those who are in no position or do not wish to pay the full price here are a few tips to cut your costs when it comes to ocean freight forwarder shipping – 

1. Audition multiple services –
Do notthe first ocean freight forwarder that you come across. Look around a bit checking the various prices listed by different sea freight forwarders. Match them all up along and thenthe right company for you. To get the best deal out of them all do not just sign on the services of a company that offers cheap pricing. 
Draw up the type of services provided by different services at different price points thenthe best one among them. Be prepared it might not be at the lowest price point but one a lot lesser than the one offered by a big company. 

2. Shop for discounts –
It might seem a bit impossible but different shipping companies offer discounts at different products of shipping all around the year. It is pretty much like the discounts that are offered in the retail market all round the year. 
Rather than seasonal discounts, the ocean freight forwarder offers discounts on certain shipping items. You may not believe it but these little discounts cut down the costs drastically. As they say, “Every little thing helps”. Discounts are always offered on DVDs, CDs, and a book by most shipping companies.

3. Less weight –
You would not believe how much you can save by trimming down the weight of your packages. You may question how to make it possible as you can rarely trim down the weight of your household items but it is surprisingly possible. 
Until and unless you are talking about ornate decorative pieces, even a car can be dismantled and then put together, in a matter of hours. Just by doing this you would be able to cut down the volume of your entire package. Other than this you may also tweak your luggage to make them weigh less, too.

4. Packaging Materials –
While you may not think much about it but just adding on the packaging details like boxes, tapes, and bubble wraps, you are adding on to your shipping budget. Not always do they come for free and by keeping a note of it you would be saving yourself a decent amount that would certainly lower your budget.

Try to find a company that offers its customers to wrap their items on their packages or offers free packaging details to all. It is one of the easiest ways in which one can save them a pretty decent amount without much problem.

5. Container smart
While faced with the difficult choice of opting for a 20’ container or a 40’ one always choose the bigger size. This is primarily because the first time shippers have no idea about the space that they need to transport their stuff. It might very much be possible that 20’ footer might be too small for you. 

It may even be possible space is enough you but there is not much left to claim the benefit of shared shipping. In such instances, 40’ containers are the best as not only would you be able to fit all your stuff but also have visual space left over to claim the shared shipping benefits.

Conclusion –
By keeping a note of the above-mentioned points not only would you be able to save a ton of money on your ocean freight forwarder charges but also ensure a safe transfer for your goods. It is not the easiest thing to but by taking a bit of time and leaving nothing to the last moment, you can ensure that everything works out in your favor, without much hassle.
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