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Reptilian enthusiast of Lizards and Snakes for 35 years. Featuring my 2 most active Rat snakes: 5' 4" Central Plains Rat "Hermione" and a 6' 4" E. Texas Rat "Tucker" and/or a 3.5' Columbian Tegu "Jaws" either In a single format screen or in the same together. As of today my collection consist of 6' Red Tail Boa, Lesser Platnum Ball Python, Pastel Yellow Ball Python, 2 Royal Ball Pythons, Speckled Kingsnake, Posionous Cottonmouth, and my 2 featured Rat snakes, Bearded Dragon, and my featured Columbian Tegu.
Streaming Hours: 9am - 9pm   7 days a week, ( Unless my service provider is at fault ) "nothing is perfect in the country"
"Jaws" usually comes out between 10am -  2pm Their known to only have an active 4 hour period days.

Music provided by featuring Industrial Music or Electric Blues

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