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My Car Has Gotten Damaged—What Now? A Guide to Mobile Dent Removal
After an accident occurs—regardless of whether it is from a car collision or simply from exposure to the elements—you may be wondering how you progress forward. Clearly your vehicle’s external image is beyond repair, right? The best option now is surely to just paint over the marred bodywork and accept that it will never quite look the same again.
Now, if that is the assumption that you came to when your eyes first landed upon the damage to your auto’s bodywork, you’ll be thrilled to hear that actually, all is not lost. Whilst most repairmen offer a botched ‘repair’ job of just slapping a bit of paint over the inconsistencies to attempt (poorly) to mask the issue, we at Piedmont Dent Repair take the highest level of pride in providing the highest quality repair service possible. We offer services in mobile dent removal and mobile dent repair in Charlotte NC. With over twenty years of experience in providing excellence for all ranges of bodywork scars, we are confident that we can help you out.
So, why is our service so different to the offers made by other so-called repair companies in Charlotte NC?
PDR Companies in Charlotte
PDR (paint less dent removal) is a relatively unpracticed skill in Charlotte, and we at Piedmont Dent Removal are therefore capable of offering an exceptionally high quality service. By using specialist equipment and tools, we can reverse the damage done to your vehicle to return it (with almost no indication that there was an imperfection in the first place) to its pre-accident appearance.
Every one of the technicians who work at Piedmont Dent Repair are more than just workers; they are craftsmen, who are chosen based on their ability to restore damaged vehicles to their former glory and not on a mere set of qualifications.
Is Paint less Dent Repair in Charlotte NC More Expensive?
The process of having your vehicle undergo PDR is, unsurprisingly, more expensive. It has to be; the equipment required is much more advanced and professional than a mere paintbrush and tray! Fixing a dent instead of simply masking it also requires a huge amount of skill and patience, and not just anybody can carry out the work; it takes someone extra special, with a highly specific skill set, and these are the individuals whom we employ to work on our mobile jobs and in our workshop.
What Types Of Damage Can Be Repaired By PDR?
Paint less dent repair can be used to fix all manner of cosmetic bodywork damages. From our specialist hail dent removal services to our standard repairs, we can cater for all sorts of repair work so that you can be happy with your vehicle’s aesthetics once again.
Why Should I Get Cosmetic Issues Fixed?
On first glance, it may seem that dents and scratches to the bodywork of your car are a mere irritation, but nothing more; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any bodywork damage can be catastrophic for your vehicle as a leak can allow water and the elements into the internal sections, which could cause engine failure or slowly eat away at the internal components with rust, slowly dooming your vehicle.

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