Center Moriches, Long Island NY | Sky Camera

   Joined May 20, 2024
This is the camera on the roof of one of our buildings. It serves 3 purposes: Watch the communications antennas, watch the weather, and test the camera itself.

Since January 2024, this specific camera has been subjected to hours of sunlight directly into the video sensor almost every day (excluding cloudy days), as well as direct contact with any weather we have had. We'll push these units hard, so we know they will work for our customers.

The audio is linked with our main radio channel.

The time on the camera is accurate to within 15 milliseconds, however a delay is intentionally added to the stream called a "buffer". This buffer is usually ~2 minutes.

The quality of the video stream is reduced due to conversion for EarthCam. We're still working on stabilization.

Center Moriches, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, United States of America
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