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This is our learning center, here we will learn how to build wooden canvas canoes. From  milling the raw wood into canoe planking and ribs. We  will build stems, decks, seats, gunwales, yokes, and finish each canoe with a finish. Each canoe will be handcrafted for each customer.
Join in on the fun.                                                       webcam will be on every day  8:00 am  to 5:00 pm 5 days a week.

Carlos and Maria’s home will be featured on Jersey Shore Rebuilds this fall on PBS. Here, they tell the harrowing story of how they were separated during the storm while trying to protect their family, and their home, in Point Pleasant.

Carlos added the lights to the canoe,and did a great job of hanging the canoe in his home. Its a very fast view of the canoe light.
17:26 into the short video.

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