King Quail

   Joined May 26, 2023

A species of Old World quail in the Phasianidae family is the king quail (Synoicus chinensis), sometimes referred to as the blue-breasted quail, Asian blue quail, Chinese painted quail, or Chung-Chi. The smallest "true quail," this species can be found in the wild from Southern China, South and South-Eastern Asia, Oceania, up to South-Eastern Australia. There are nine distinct subspecies within this species. It is fairly widespread in aviculture and occasionally referred to incorrectly as the "button quail," which is the name of a family of birds that is only very distantly related to it, the buttonquails.  The King Quail that you see hatched out April 2023.  King Quail chicks are cold sensitive. We use a 60 Watt, no light emmited heat bulb, to keep them warm. When they are adults the heat lamp is removed. King Quail require a higher protein diet than some other birds. We use a grinded game bird feed with 28% protein.
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