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What Makes Jetsmarter ‘The Only Way To Fly’?
Are you tired of flying commercially? Do you long for a better way to travel by air? There are many drawbacks to flying commercially, and Jetsmarter has perfected a way to get the luxury of chartering a private jet while being more accessible than ever. Their pricing is more affordable than you might think and booking is one of the easiest systems to use.
Jetsmarter offers two unique options for customers to choose from. The first option passengers can choose is their innovative shared flight services. Youthe date in which you want to travel, and they will match you with existing flights that you share with other travelers. The list of flights and seats available are generated from the community, Jetsmarter, or one of their partners. With this option, you can choose how many seats you want to book, and choose from over 170+ countries that the service flies throughout the world.
The second option available is to create their own flight. With building your own flight plan, you can save thousands over the traditional jet plane charters. Jetsmarter has a low price guarantee that makes them one of the best options private jetting in the world. When you create your own flight, you can choose how many seats you’d like to book and share your trip with others. Or you can book the entire flight, all seats, and make it a private jet experience.
Jetsmarter offers two different plan options for those looking to break away from commercial flights, or expensive chartered jets. With the pay as you go plan, you can book flights at the non-member price, and create trips that travel worldwide. This option is ideal for those that don’t fly as frequently but still want to have a better overall experience traveling.
The second plan is an annual membership. If you make more than one round-trip a year, this plan is perfect. The yearly membership gives you access to all flights, create on-demand flights either shared or private, and guaranteed availability within 24-hours. Customers can take advantage of having priority over non-members and discounted pricing on flights.
With Jetsmarter, you can travel wherever you like, virtually any time that you want to. Whether you fly with others or choose to have private flights, the experience is a thousand times better than what commercial airlines deliver. There’s no long lines or intrusive airport checks to go through. On board, you will enjoy catered meals and champagne. On heavy jet fights, passengers can enjoy free Wifi, cocktails, and gourmet meals. Jetsmarter can even handle transportation when your flight lands with their full-service concierges.

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