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I started the incubation process at home just beore the start of April vacation.  I brought the eggs to school on the April 24th.  Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch.  The count is 7 more days to go. There are 3 eggs incubating.  The incubator keeps them at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius  which is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  This the same as our body temperature.  You may possibly hear a beep or beeping sound occasionally.  This beeping sound indicates that the eggs will be turning. You should be able to see them turn.  Each egg has a black dot on one side and a number on the other.  This is to help us see and be sure the eggs are turning.  Normally the mother duck would sit on her eggs to keep them safe and warm and she would also move them around several times a day.  The incubator must take the mom's place.  It must keep the eggs warm, maintain the proper humidity level and rotate the eggs. PLEASE keep in mind, just like a pregnancy things could go wrong.  We could lose a baby at anytime during the incubation process as well as during the hatching time.  Ducklings have also for one reason or another died after birth.  We must be prepared for anything.  So let's keep our fingers crossed that nothing bad happens. Please join in the excitement and watch the event take place.  Pass the word so others may also enjoy watching the ducklings hatch. Our expected delivery date  is May 7th and 12th, so stay tuned. Please feel free to post comments regarding this experience on our Case's Little Faces Blog if you'd like.
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