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Intellifluence offers a simplified source for influencer marketing at an affordable rate. Grow and expand your sales using influencer marketing at a price that's doesn't make your pocket book cry. Combining marketing agency with influence marketing and connecting you with influencers to represent your business, Intellifluence removes the stress and difficulties associated with typical influencer marketing. Contrary to the popular saying, now you don't have to spend money to make money!
With Intellifluence, you're connected to individuals who represent your company with positive influences. You also gain a platform in which to share your product, and now have a source for positive reviews and feedback, expanding your product sales capabilities. The more exposure your product and/or services gain, the more sales potential you have. This also has the potential to expand your customer base and increases the consumer views your company receives.
Intellifluence is the future of influencer marketing platforms with over 176 countries represented on a continuous basis and over 30,000 influencers globally who are connected to our network. As a leading influencer marketing network, the possibilities are astronomical, and over 26 unique product categories are available. Implementing Intellifluence into your sales and advertising campaign could, quite possibly, spell the difference between average, and massive, product sales.
How tedious and time-consuming is combing platform after platform and site after site in the hopes of finding a potential positive influence prospect? Even then, there's no guarantee that this sought-after prospect will even be stumbled on. By the same token, how difficult is it, as someone wanting to break into influencer marketing, to find a business or agency that will give you the chance to shine?
Intellifluence is here to help you do what you love without stipulations or limitations. You are able to promote yourself, learn the ropes, get compensated for it, and share your honest thought in the form of product reviews. If you are a successful blogger, or the like, and have a loyal fanbase following then basically, you test a product, you tell your followers whetheryou loved it, hated it, or if it was "meh", and you're now on your way to being a professional in influencer marketing. At the same time, businesses gain products reviews, exposure, and marketing via the influencer's following. Ingenious, right?
Intellifluence is free for influencers looking to break into an influencer marketing network, which allows Intellifluenceto perpetually expand their influencer network whilst maintaining fresh faces for companies to use as influence for their product. If you ask me, it's a truly unique and innovative approach to a lucrative market that results in diminished fees for companies and opportunities for newcomers.

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