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HUMMINGBIRDS LIVE! From my front porch to you 24/7! Enjoy watching all the hummingbirds that I have at my home here in Terre Haute, Indiana. You don't have to wait long it see any of the birds for they are very active. They spend most of the day flying in and out as they feed. The evening time is the best time to tune in as they all fight to get their last feeding in before they head to roost for the night. There is no sound due to the location of the camera. I will keep this feed live till they all have headed south for the winter. I will try to post updates below during the summer months to let everyone know what is going on. Thank you for watching!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? They can all be sent to [email protected].  

UPDATE: 9/11/17 Things have really cooled off here in central Indiana the last couple of weeks thus driving almost all of the hummingbirds south to warmer weather. As you can see, I have taken down two of the feeders and will continue to keep two up with a little sugar water in them for the remaining few birds. From my observations, there are about five birds that are regulars at my feeders. My neighbor down the road from me has been keeping a couple of feeders out so we have been sharing birds this year which was helpful for me in keeping up with keeping the feeders filled this year. At one point this summer, I counted about 25 hummingbirds around my feeders one evening in July. That’s pretty spectacular for this area and it’s been a blessing having them back this year. I will continue to keep the feed up through the month of September and depending on the weather and if I have any birds left, maybe the first week or two of October. I will post another update to let everyone know when I will be taking the live feed down for the winter. Thank you for watching!

UPDATE: 7/19/17 Hello, Everyone! I have created an email address that I can be reached at if you would like to send me comments, questions, suggestions, or just a kind word. You can find it below my opening description or just above this update. Now, on to the next update! If you have been watching, you have probably noticed a lot of activity at the feeders over the past week or so. I believe that the first offspring have left the nest this summer and are feeding at the feeders. The bird count when from roughly 10 to about 20 in the last couple of weeks. I am feeding about 6 cups of sugar water a day now and it continues to rise. We are expecting a heat wave over the next few coming days so I look for activity to increase due to the heat so be sure to check back frequently if you like lots of action!

UPDATE: 6/15/17 Activity at my feeders have really picked up over the last month. I estimate roughly 10 birds have called my feeder’s home for the summer. I have a few males that like to chase the females away from the feeders so you will almost always see a bird when you tune in. The majority of the birds I have seen are female this year so we are hoping to see lots of yearlings this year. Due to the aggressiveness of the males, I placed a feeder in my back yard that is not on camera to help reduce the aggressiveness of the males. When things pick up a little more, I will place my third feeder out back and move my other larger one back up front where you will be able to see it on camera.

UPDATE: 5/1/17 Welcome back! The hummingbirds have arrived! Things are pretty quiet still as the weather has been cool to start this spring. I look for activity to pick up in the coming weeks so make sure to stop in from time to time. Right now, the best viewing times are in the early morning at day break and in the evening just before dusk. I have currently seen one male and one female feeding at my feeder. As activity picks up, I will add more feeders in hopes of having just as many birds that I had last year. At the end of the summer last year, I estimated roughly 40 birds were feeding at my feeders. I was feeding about 10 to 12 cups of nectar per day. If we are lucky, I hope we will have just as much activity as last year! Thank you for viewing and enjoy! 

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