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What is Export Control and Why Your Business Needs Export Solutions
Whether we understand it or not, everything we purchase, everything we ship or send in the mail, is imported or exported here and there to one place or another. It is a complicated process, and there are many rules and regulations in place, both at the federal and international levels. Both large and small businesses must follow these regulations. It is critical to understanding export control and why your business needs to follow these regulations or work with a professional that guides you through them.
Export control regulations include federal laws that prohibit the unlicensed export of specific commodities or information. This is typically for reasons of national securities or trade protections. Export controls will arise for various reasons, such as military applications or economic protection issues, or government concerns about the destination country, organization, or individual. There may also be export controls in place because of government concerns about the declared or suspected end use or the end-user of the export. The United States also promotes export control to prevent the accumulations of conventional weapons and related material, so it is an issue that goes up the ladder.
Export control is monitored and controlled by the Bureau of Industry and Security under the U.S. Department of Commerce, which is complex in and of itself. This team of people administers U.S. laws and regulations that govern both imports and exports under Export Administration Regulations. The BIS is responsible for implementing and enforcing Export Administration Regulations, and they can also contest these laws and regulations if need be. Because there is so much that goes into export control, so many rules and regulations that much be followed and outlined, working with someone that understands them better than yourself and your company is crucial.
As a business owner, you should care about export controls. There are significant fines and even jail sentences mandated for those business owners who break compliance regulations. When export control regulations are violated, you face serious consequences, which is about more than losing your business. Working with a professional team like
Export Solutions means understanding export controls, your current processes, and how your business relies on national and international trade in order to keep the supply chain running. Especially with the current pandemic, the current global trade compliance can be complicated and, if you aren’t keeping it, it can leave you behind and with serious legal consequences.
With help from Export Solutions, you will see international trade as a more straightforward process, and your company will be able to see that trade compliance is more than staying within the legal guidelines of U.S. and international trade. It is about delivering products on time, within your company’s budget, and with the highest standard. Because global trade, in particular, is no easy task, staying up-to-date and working with those experts that understand export control regulation best is ideal for the success of your company, regardless of its size.
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