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Updating World Cams...

We will be turning off the web cam at the end of today as Lilli's and Branston's 3rd litter will all be heading to their new homes tomorrow, 05 October, 2013.  Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us.

If you love these beautiful and playful dogs as much as we do and are still interested in purchasing a welsh springer or simply enjoy the breed, Lilli's and Branston's daughter, Brynleigh, will be whelping her 1st litter on 13 October.  Visit for details on Brynleigh's national championship and her litter!

Lilli's third litter was whelped between 1120 and 1340 on 8 August 2013.  When born they weighed between 8 5/8 and 11 3/4 ounces (245 and 333 grams) and now at one week old their weights have all doubled. They have had their first visit to the vet and all appear to be healthy.  Around 18 August we should see their eyes begin to open followed by their ears a few days later.  At that time, they will also begin to stand on their feet and quickly become more mobile. Lilli is also doing well, keeping fit and healthy whilst diligently taking care of her litter. 

Now reaching three weeks old, the pups are all around 48 ounces and developing well.  Their eyes and ears are open and they are beginning to take their first steps.  In the pen, they are now reacting to each other with little growls and barks, and are learning to play.  We have now extended the pen, and they should start to venture out in the next day or so.  Watch for them rolling down the ramp as they learn to balance.  Also we should see their teeth begin to emerge over the next week, ready for introduction to solid food at the end of the week.

Four weeks old tomorrow and there have been lots of changes this week.  The pups are now much more mobile and have begun to eat solid food.  All of the pups now have teeth showing.  Lilli is now able to rest and recover as she reduces the amount of time she spends with them.  Last night was the first night she allowed them to go through the night without being fed.

The puppies are now seven weeks old and getting ready to go to their new homes this week.  Now weighing around 10 lbs each they are all developing into tremendous young dogs.  All very playful, they love being allowed out of the pen to run around for an hour or so each morning and in the afternoons they are getting some time on a collar and leash to be ready for exercise with their new owners.  All of the pups have new homes waiting for them. 

Storm (#6) left yesterday for his new home in CA and #4 (we don't yet know his name) left this morning for his new home in Kentucky.

Griffin left this morning for his new home in Nevada.  Essi, Petrin, and Katie will be leaving tomorrow so I'll be letting them out of the pen a bit more today so they'll be more apt to sleep during their journeys.

The puppies of the second litter all went to their new homes in January 2013.

The puppies of the first litter all went to their new homes in July 2010. 
Dawn and Ian 

P.S. We shall try to have the webcam on-line from 0930 to 2200PT each day until the pups are 8 weeks old.  Occasionally it may be off during these periods if we need to use the computer elsewhere. If you have a question about the pups, please send it to [email protected]

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