Fin Live! - Shumate Lake Sturgeon
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Welcome to "Fin Live!"  Our webcam is placed on the outside of our Lake Sturgeon tank located in Mr. Bouwman's classroom at Shumate Middle School. The camera is rolling 24 hours a day for all to watch. Our Lake Sturgeon is named Fin.  We came up with his name by doing an online voting contest (Mr. Bouwman's 5th hour class came up with the winning name!). After collecting over 19,000 votes, the name "Fin" was the winner.  We hope you enjoy our webcam. Fin is really growning!  Thank you for visiting our website, enjoy!
- Shumate Science 6th Grade Teachers #GettingScienceDone

Click on the hyperlink to view our tank data -  Shumate Lake Sturgeon Data.

Fin is being brought to you by:
Sturgeon for Tomorrow
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Shumate Parent Group
Gibraltar School District

Want to find more information about our awesome fish? Click on the hyperlink - DNR - Lake Sturgeon.

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