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Updating World Cams...

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Welcome Earth! I have set up a webcam at my 5th wheel by the creek! During the summer, this area is very active with people kayaking, tubing, and camping in general. It is fairly quiet in the colder months. My camera is portable, so the view will change depending on the time, day, weather, etc. Please check out my Hall of Fame to see different views so far. Also, upload a picture to my Hall of Fame with a comment letting me know which views you would like to see more of! Most weekdays, the dogs get fed and do tricks for treats at some point between 0530 and 0630. This usually happens again around 1700. When they are doing their tricks, turn your sound up. One of the things they do is "talk". :) When I am at work at night, the view is an area where I put the cat toys while I am gone, so you are likely to see them sleeping or playing there. When I am home sleeping during the day or gone doing errands, the view will likely be the bird/squirrel feeders. With it zoomed out in the the summer, you may see people coming in to the floating pier at the end of their kayak/tubing trip. I am contemplating getting a karaoke machine or some type of setup and starting Campground Karaoke this summer. Time will tell! LOL When I am home (and off work) and it is nice during the day, I might walk around by the creek, let the dog(s) play in the grassy area and the creek, etc. I take the camera with me! :) When I am off, I might be home, but I might be in Tuscaloosa with family. Again, I take the camera with me. There are tons of squirrels in the back yard there! I LOVE watching them on the bungee feeder. They are not shy at all! The Talladega squirrels aren't as adventurous, but I am working on that! I successfully lured them in with corn and have them hanging on the bungee! I recently put a squirrel log out there instead of corn. If they don't get back on the bungee in a few days, I will swap it back to corn. I have added a Big Head Unicorn Squirrel feeder to the mix! If you haven't seen one, look it up on YouTube. (Try searching Unicorn Squirrel goes nuts). It is hilarious! I am trying to lure the squirrels in to that feeder now! I ordered a horse head feeder for my parents in Tuscaloosa. I doubt it will take any time for the squirrels to get in theirs! Hopefully I can catch it on video while I am visiting!

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