Storm's Puppy Cam
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I see that sometimes if the browser is open for a long time it freezes.

A simple refresh of the browser restarts the action.

Storm is a chocolate Labrador retriever and only 8 weeks old. I'm going to try and train him for Search and Rescue work.

Puppies require allot of sleep and so far Storm is doing just that. I'm playing him music so he gets used to different noises, thunderstorms, traffic, sirens, etc while he is calm and comfortable. We play in between snoozes, walks and bathroom breaks.

We are trying to teach him boundaries, so he hasn't been to any other rooms in the house yet. Some puppy experts say to show him your entire house all at once and some suggest slowly letting him into other areas so he learns he has boundaries.

He has already learned how to climb up and down a short set of steps.

Storm has several articles with his parents and siblings scent on them nearby to help him adapt to his new surroundings. He will also be sleeping in his crate with them and one of my holy t-shirts that my wife has been wanting me to throw out.

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