The Community Green
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This webcam is in a private estate at the head of Chichester Harbour.

It is situated on a west facing elevation with the Green directly in front.

Normally the camera will be live during the hours of 08.00 to 17.30 GMT in all weather.

The pictures will show various parts of the Estate and the road.

The actual views will change at periods during the day as the camera is repositioned to another direction.

The camera is a  Microsoft Lifecam Cinema. HD Camera in a watertight container.
An electric motor rotates the camera so that the scene can alter frequently.
A picture of the webcam setup is shown in the Photo Section.

The views are being transmitted from a dedicated computer running Win 8.1

There is a delay of about 12 seconds between the actual event and the picture being received by you.

The close up images are deliberately blurred to avoid personal recognition.

No recordings are made of any images or sequences taken by the camera.

No sound is transmitted or received

The site has been viewed some 22000 times since its conception and has appeared on the Earthcam favorites list.

Watch out for the birds and wildlife that are attracted to the area.

Spike the spider is back occasionally.

It also gives a good indication of the weather conditions

Please enjoy the everyday life and the comings and goings on the Estate especially the functions that are held on The Green from a game of Boules to a Neighbours Day.celebration with marqee and of course the occasional 'on the spur' drink of wine with friends.

We would welcome enquiries or comments about this site by e-mail to   :-

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