The Divine Prince: New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo
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Pan African Spiritualist, Practitioner and Advisor. Oloye Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Obeah Bokor.

The Witch Doctor Yellow Pocahontas - Medicine Man - Black Hawk Voodoo Chief
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca 

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All is a Blessing! Nameste', Alaafia & Ase!



I am a Pan African Spiritualist, Practitioner, Advisor & Author. I also am a creator of magical, offensive and defensive spiritual jewelry, amulets, talismans, ritual items, implements and wands.

I am the Authentic Hoodoo Obeah High Priest; Don't be fooled by any imitators! Now let me help; I specialize in Results! Gifted Hoodoo/Voodoo Bokor,Obeah/Myal Master,Spiritual light worker will utilize my training and Divine gifts in Crystal work, cleansing and balancing of energies, life path work, manifesting, Orisha work, and Vodoun to help you see a clear direction in your life and to remove blocks to your progress.

Having been guided by the hands of The Divine, you can be sure I am well equiped and Divinely Blessed to assist you in any endeavor. Do you want to just talk about it or Are you really ready to DO something about it?? Psychics can predict but Hoodoo and Obeah get results!!! I am The New Orleans Divine Prince!

I am a highly gifted and favored powerful Voodoo-Obeah Prince-Bokor. Do not be fooled by any imitators. I have been doing Spiritual work for over 30 years internationally. I'm formally initiated in the traditions of Santeria, Lukumi, Palo Monte, Yoruba, Traditional New Orleans Voodoo/Hoodoo and Root working and the Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Spiritual Arts. I have been greatly gifted by The Ancestors with the powerful and sometimes fearful practice of Obeah.

I can only tell you the truth; I can only perform the Divine Will of the Universe; this is not always popular but my first commitment is to the spiritual evolution of the persons who seek my services and the Divine Will of the Most High. I have studied Pan-African religions and cultures at the university level and have also been a religious and spiritual musician for much of my life.

I will never steer you wrong and if I can’t help you I can refer you to someone else who can. I have connections to some of the most powerful practitioners in the South and the Country. I specialize in doing battle! I also teach and pass on the Traditions to those who seek in earnest and are appropriately chosen and prepared during the correct Ceremonies. I presently operate a working temple in the Mississippi Delta area of Memphis. My Deities/Lwa/Orisha are being 'worked and fed' on a daily bases. Once again, my first priority is to see and assist people to grow and evolve spiritually and I can and will help you in any way that I can to regain and evolve your own personal and Divine power. I am here for you. No frills, no flashing lights and whistles, just a vessal allowing the work of The Divine to Be done. Peace and Divine Blessings, Love, Joy and Propserity!!


"There are no words to decribe more than awesome. I sought the Divine Prince for clarity. What I received was enlightenment. He did not hesitate to describe my situation in one sentence but went on to elaborate in terms that brought power to the vision that I have been carrying for twenty seven years. No one has ever been this pin point with a reading for me and I had not revealed my complete vision to anyone. This Divine Person is more than his discription. He is annointed to be a prophet of this 21st century. May Spirit continue to use him." Thank you again, Dr. D. H. El

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